Amazing Adventures Travel offers the ultimate in customized travel to more than 40 countries on all seven continents. Our adventure planners have been leading, organizing and going on trips around the world for decades and know where the most spectacular locations are to visit. We are passionate about travel and enjoy planning our faithful clients’ trips almost as much as traveling ourselves!We want to help you discover the treasures we have found. We are great listeners and will tailor a trip to meet your budget and exceed your expectations. In addition to family and adventures travel, we have over 2,000 dives logged and really know the ins and outs of all the dive liveaboards and dive resorts. We are expert at matching up the perfect trip for your level of diving. We’ve also dragged our lucky kids all over the planet for the past 20 years. We know family travel and how to make the trip fun for kids and parents. Whether it is a diving trip, safari or other adventure, we’ll take care of all the details.