8 Seasons 4 Women


We are offering women trips to Scandinavia, sustainable and with the personal touch. We fell in love with this region when we moved here 2007/2008 and we enjoy sharing this enthusiasm with our guests.Our travel´s offer the ladies an experience in real silent with a close contact to nature and the opportunity to experience the culture of this great region. We attach much importance to maintain the existing infrastructure and to develop the collaboration between the local companies. Local and especially ecological products are a natural choice for us. We are certified for sustainable and ecological travel under the terms from TourCert since 2012. This certification emphasizes our philosophy and intensive efforts to develop sustainable tourism in Europe.During most of our trips we like to show the daily living in Lapland, that means going out in the forest without prepared tracks, chopping wood, picking berries, fishing,… For most of our guest it´s often the first timethat they try one of those activities. We experienced that women in a group just with women are freer to challenge themselves.Why the name 8Seasons? The Sami (indigenous People in Scandinavia) calendar has 8 seasons. Their traditional livelihoods were all close to nature, that´s why they needed to divide the 4 seasons into 8: Early winter, middle winter, spring-winter, spring, spring-summer, … We are not related to the Sami people but we like the way how they lived together with nature. Once you lived a whole year in Lapland you see the great variety in each season. We would even say that each month has a special atmosphere, a typical face. We like to share the different seasons in Lapland with our guests. That´s why it felt just right to combine our women travel under the brand name 8Seasons4Women.