Custom Painted Crankbaits

$ 6.80

Item Description:

I have some hand painted lures for sale. Any of the patterns you see can be painted on any body style. I have the ones pictured on hand and willing to ship on your dime (USPS $5 flat rate). I can also paint custom lures upon request (allow up to ten days). All lures will have black stainless steel snap rings and extra sharp Mustad (red or black nickel) or eagle claw (chrome) treble hooks. I paint my own lures and fish with them, so no cheap parts are used. These are way more durable than the lures offered in the store and are a fraction of the price of other custom lures. I have 2.5" ($6 ) and 3.25" square bills ($7). I also have lipless crankbaits ($7), deep diving ($8), swim baits ($6), stickbaits ($8) and poppers ($8). Swim baits and 2.5" square bills are 3/8 oz and all others are 1/2oz.
PM me if interested.

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