Route 56, A Mid-Life Cycle

Shivering in the fetal position and bundled like some Michelin monster in all my biking gear, I'm desperate for sleep.  Montana in June is just too damn cold!  Alone, in my tent, in the black of night, I struggle to keep warm. But time drags and I'm stuck in the void, the dark empty void.  Then suddenly, as if coming from nowhere, I'm diverted by a distant train. The insistent bleating of its whistle greets me like an old friend, and then the long, low, rhythmic rumble, as the cars roll by, seems soothing and romantic. Snuggling deeper into my sleeping bag I'm comforted, for, after all, I love the train.  It brought me and my bike all the way west to Seattle, the start of ...

Why Photographer Tim Kemple Discovers Outdoor Life

You may have never heard of Tim Kemple, but chances are, you've seen his photographs gracing the pages of countless magazines, and have even imagined yourself in the exotic locales or in the shoes of the athletes he snaps.  
While Tim Kemple's professional career has him traveling the world in search of the most spectacular landscapes in which to shoot pro athletes, his personal life is filled with outdoor adventure, too.
For him, part of the thrill of life is courting uncertainty:
“For me, the best memories in life have been born from experiences where the outcome was uncertain. By definition adventure is about uncertainty. That's why I make it a point t ...