Take A Hike... And Live Longer

“I bet I could live to 150 if only I can get outdoors again.” –Geraldine Page as Carrie Watts in The Trip to Bountiful
No doubt, simmering in sunlight or drinking in the smell fresh pine can work magic on a weary soul.  But could being outside actually ward off disease and make us live longer?  In 2010, a landmark Japanese study was able to prove that spending quality time with nature has undeniable, profound effects on our both our bodies and minds that can, in fact, affect our longevity.
Hanging out in the forest is standard preventative medicine in Japan.  In 1982,  the government coined a term for it, “ ...

Why Kayaker Sage Donnelly Discovers Outdoor Life

Sage Donnelly currently holds the title of Jr. Women's Freestyle World Champion.  Her impressive list of credits also includes being nominated for Canoe and Kayak Magazine’s “Female Paddler of the Year”,  finishing first in the US Freestyle Jr. Women’s Team Trials and second in US Canoe… all of this at the tender age of 15.  As if that weren't inspiring enough, she also has Type 1 diabetes. She's dealt with the management of her blood sugar since she was 3 years old.  That apparently hasn't stopped her from pursuing adrenaline-packed adventure in the outdoors.  Why?
"It makes me feel alive, it connects me with my inner chi ...

Route 56, A Mid-Life Cycle

Shivering in the fetal position and bundled like some Michelin monster in all my biking gear, I'm desperate for sleep.  Montana in June is just too damn cold!  Alone, in my tent, in the black of night, I struggle to keep warm. But time drags and I'm stuck in the void, the dark empty void.  Then suddenly, as if coming from nowhere, I'm diverted by a distant train. The insistent bleating of its whistle greets me like an old friend, and then the long, low, rhythmic rumble, as the cars roll by, seems soothing and romantic. Snuggling deeper into my sleeping bag I'm comforted, for, after all, I love the train.  It brought me and my bike all the way west to Seattle, the start of ...

Why Photographer Tim Kemple Discovers Outdoor Life

You may have never heard of Tim Kemple, but chances are, you've seen his photographs gracing the pages of countless magazines, and have even imagined yourself in the exotic locales or in the shoes of the athletes he snaps.  
While Tim Kemple's professional career has him traveling the world in search of the most spectacular landscapes in which to shoot pro athletes, his personal life is filled with outdoor adventure, too.
For him, part of the thrill of life is courting uncertainty:
“For me, the best memories in life have been born from experiences where the outcome was uncertain. By definition adventure is about uncertainty. That's why I make it a point t ...

Why Pro Mountain Biker Jill Kintner Discovers Outdoor Life

Need a little inspiration to finally pursue that outdoor mountain biking adventure you've been dreaming about?  Maybe this will help kick you into gear.
Jill Kintner is one of the most dominant cyclists in the world having succeeded in several disciplines including: 4-Cross Mountain biking, slalom, giant slalom, pump track, and BMX. Her list of accolades are highlighted by an Olympic Bronze medal from the 2008 Olympic Games, 3 consecutive World titles in 4-Cross, 15 World Cup 4-Cross wins, 13 USA National Championships.
So what gets her outside?  
“Adventure is part of human existence. The outdoors offers so many different stories and things that could happen ...

Keeping The Fire Alive

Why I Seek Adventure (And You Should, Too)
Daily life dragging you down? There's a solution: Adventure! Read how writer, adventurer, and yogini Kerry Lambert stays inspired in her every day life. Caution: It might lead you out of your comfort zone and into the wild.

I once asked my cousin Glen, who has never left the state of Texas, why he didn’t travel. After a long pause, he said:  “I guess I don’t really need to go anywhere.”  Behind the drawl and the grin, I knew he never left because he was scared of change, scared of going beyond the comfort zone, scared of the unknown.
But the idea of venturing out into a world undiscovered isn't scary to ...

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