Why Adventure Photographer Tim Kemple Discovers Outdoor Life


You may have never heard of Tim Kemple, but chances are, you've seen his photographs gracing the pages of countless magazines, and have even imagined yourself in the exotic locales or in the shoes of the athletes he snaps.  

While Tim Kemple's professional career has him traveling the world in search of the most spectacular landscapes in which to shoot pro athletes, his personal life is filled with outdoor adventure, too.


For him, part of the thrill of life is courting uncertainty:

“For me, the best memories in life have been born from experiences where the outcome was uncertain. By definition adventure is about uncertainty. That's why I make it a point to seek it out.”

Most folks don't want to leave their comfort zone, preferring a gentle rocking in the cumfy chair of complacency.  But sitting in the chair only affords you a view, no action.

Enormous strides in personal growth occur when we push ourselves out of that zone and into the unknown.  How we deal with uncertainty and the unexpected, tells us alot about who we are and in turn, what we might need to change.

Adventure is way more than just about adrenaline. But yeah, that's good, too.

So take Tim's lead, don't fear uncertainty, embrace it instead.  And in the process - find the memories of a lifetime.


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Embracing uncertainty can lead to the memories of a lifetime.