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The Ranch at Rock Creek: Montana Charm

Many adjectives can be used to describe Montana: rugged beauty, unbridled freedom, western charm… those words can also be used to describe Montana’s Ranch at Rock Creek.

Rowse's The Working Ranch

To really experience life on a working ranch, you have to live it. And that’s what guests do when they visit Rowse’s 1+1. In its latest episode, Discover Ranches reveals a day in the life of this working ranch located in Burwell, Nebraska.

Becoming a National Geographic Unique Lodge

The National Geographic Society has been a leading global voice in photography, culture and story telling since 1888. Stacks of their iconic yellow-backed magazines offer a chance to travel the world from the comfort of your home, school or library.

Series Sponsors

We want to thank our 2015 DOL Travel Series Sponsors. Without our sponsors, this series could not be possible! Thank you for believing in the outdoor lifestyle and traditions and supporting Discover Outdoor Life's Travel Series.

Top 10 Ranches of 2015

Our team saw a lot of ranches in 2014. We took notes, shot video, galloped some horses, indulged in massages, enjoyed some soaks, tried our hands- and legs- at stand up paddle board yoga, ate delicious, organic, locally grown meals...

What to Pack for your Winter Ranch Vacation

Snowshoeing, sledding, cross country skiing, riding on a peaceful trail during a light snowfall- chances are, you've already prepared yourself to experience these and other breathtaking opportunities during your winter ranch vacation.

Eco-Friendly Tourism - Ranches Lead the Way

Ranch Vacations are known for extensive landscapes, almost untouched by human influence... or at least they appear that way. Actually, most ranches are carefully managed to ensure the most benefit is gained from the land while minimizing the impact.